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We now offer some of our designs as stickers, phone cases, and t-shirts via Redbubble.  Shop now!

Can't find your favorite fandom on any of our in-stock bags? We can adapt an existing design from our embroidery library, or add a custom design. We can also adjust the bag size, add extra pockets, or make other adjustments to your liking. Contact us with your needs and we'll provide you with an estimate for your customized bag.

We have several ready-to-go models of embroidered messenger bags in our store, in three basic sizes: small, unlined bags, and tablet and laptop bags with multiple pockets. Our tablet and laptop bags come standard with adjustable shoulder straps and a padded lining to protect your electronics.

Whether you want something for carrying your everyday necessities, books, or electronics, we can accommodate your needs -- and your fandom -- with one of our handmade bags.

Embroidered Messenger Bags