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Geek Merit Badges

Who cares if you didn't actually earn them? Let the world know about your achievements as a ghost hunter, vampire killer, time traveler, and more!

Pop Culture

Inspired by your favorite movies, TV shows, classic games, and video games.

The one that started it all

It began as a joke.

Storied Threads was still in its infancy, and Veronica had just purchased a simple embroidery machine, intending to add embroidered trim to spruce up her clothing line. One day, while driving to work with her husband Michael, they got stuck behind a truck covered in awareness ribbons. They joked about making a Doctor Who Awareness Ribbon, patterned after Tom Baker's iconic scarf, and on a whim, Veronica made a few and put them out for sale at a show. They sold out almost immediately. Today, Storied Threads has more than 300 designs available, and adds new sew on patches every week.

Embroidered Sew On Patches

Literature & History

Artsy, intellectual, yet whimsical -- and our historically inspired designs make a great finishing touch on costumes and uniforms for renaissance faire patrons and performers, historical re-enactors, and LARPers. We can even make larger patches for use as heraldry on knightly surcoats, banners, and flags.